Pegasis, a company founded and owned by Nehaa Deepak Gupta, is dedicated to image building of people who seek to transform their lives by gaining unbeatable confidence and impressive styling. Nehaa Deepak Gupta, after getting her degree from London Image Institute with Lynn Marks and also from ICBI – Mumbai, received her training under one of the most internationally renowned image consultants – Judith Rasband (Conselle Institute of Image Management). She has also done Christian Valmy makeup course and Extensive Communication skill program from “Yes We Can”. Honing her skills under the astute guidance of Miss. Rasband, Nehaa has now established herself as a highly coveted image consultant in India. Nehaa believes that image building is not just about fashion and styling but is a unique blend of external personality and unleashing of the inner positivity, skills and a confident state of mind.

She, with her grit and impeccable knowledge, has enhanced the image of many individuals, companies, Bollywood actors and other celebrated personalities. Helping and guiding people who have been endlessly grappling to re-build their images, is something that comes naturally and instinctively to her. Be it manners, etiquettes, soft skills, communication, fashion or styling, Nehaa leaves no stone unturned to assist her clients to achieve a spellbinding image.

Nehaa herself has an enchanting personality which reflects itself in her adept work. She has a sure perspective which says that to build one’s image, one need not fit into the skin of others. One need not be a slave of current trends but must perfect a niche image staying true to one’s original personality. As a highly sought after Lead Image Consultant, Nehaa has found her way to the front page of Bombay Times and has been interviewed by BBC on the importance of Image Consultation and Image Building. As an ardent connoisseur of everything related to image building, she strives for a continuous growth of one’s assets. Do you too want to have a stellar personality? Seek Nehaa Gupta’s expertise and charm your way into the hearts and minds of the people around you.


Tired of being misjudged?
Our inner state is often revelead through our facial expression, eye contact, body movements, posture & touch.

portray the right image in any given situation by learning the trick of an effective & positive body language. And guess what, we also equip you to read other person’ body language.


Having trouble pairing those blue trousers with the new shoes you recently bought? Worry not!

Be it your everyday wear or dressy evening – we style it all to make you look stunning. Contact us to make heads turn.


Having trouble to make an impact at your workplace ? Do you think people don’t listen to you ? You don’t look credible or trustworthy ?we can actually help you to Bulildyour image

and the way people think about you with tutorials on international style scale and teach the DNA of clothes whereas in you be able to impress others but also get promotions


Do you know which colors suit your skin type, are you confused which colors suit you,

we help you find the right colors according to your complexion and make you look bright and radiant


True charm isn’t about how much money you’ve got.
It’s about being at ease with yourself and being able to let others shine. Social grace is about being polished & graceful in all social situations.

Knowing the building blocks of charm & manners is a wonderful way of reducing awkawardness and social anxiety. It will also help you build better connections.


Are you able to communicate effectively with people around you, Do you want to be a good business leader. Good verbal and non-verbal cues are important to communicate with your team so as to get the best results.

Being a good listener and understanding other people’s mindset gives you more wisdom how to interact in critical situations.


We all like to climb up the corporate ladder but let’s face it, it comes with its own set of challenges like not knowing proper greetings & introductions, business card protocols, social media etiquette etc.

Our business etiquette program will not only equip you to exercise proper professional manners but also help stand out professionally.


Do you cringe each time you open your closet? Don’t Despair! We dive into your treasure house to review it & sort it by weeding out the clothes that are not right for you, unless you want to keep them for sentimental values.

We also mix n match your clothing to create perfectly coordinated looks. You will be amazed by how many outfits already reside in your closet that you never knew even existed. It’s like going shopping in your own closet.


Do you want to look as if you have a flawless skin in 10 min , we help buy the right products and brushesfor your faceand skin anduse them effectively.

We can teach quick fixes for the office as well as the party look and you are all set to look ravishing and radiant with your makeup

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