Corporate Image Makeover

If you are going into an interview with two different organizations and it is your task to make a choice, which company you would be employed with

Corporate Public Speaking

In the present corporate world public speaking & presentation skills play a vital role in the success of the business.

Corporate Soft Skills

For many corporate workplaces, hard skills are generally top of the list when it is about hiring. That is, they usually look for skills that are precise

Corporate Body Language

In the contemporary business world, your communication skills can either enhance or weaken your associations, further opportunities, and relationships

Business Etiquettes

Etiquette is a code of deeds predictable from a qualified professional to aid him stance apart from the mass. In corporate and social surroundings,

Personal Dressing

Fashion style guidance for women is about emphasizing themselves and projecting their inner ability. It’s very obligatory to power dress to fashion

Personal Shopping

Well, buying clothes is a big chunk of the personal shopper/wardrobe consultant’s job, it’s not as simple as it may seem to be

Clothing Color Combinations

Corporate world, today, is the most competitive than always. Ensuing and parting a good first imprint takes more than just attaining the numbers.

celebrity Fashion Advisor

“Fashion advisor is the one who pushes all the celebrities to mark a place in the best-dressed list”.

Personality Makeover

Your apparel is the introduction to your personality. This means, that your costume has prompting effects on your mood. From the color combination to the fall of your dress

Public Speaking

Every activity of our lives is communication of some sort, but it’s through speech that man asserts his distinctiveness from other forms of life.

Individual Soft Skills

Individual Soft skills emphasize on individual character and social skills which impacts on how well an individual can communicate and cooperate with others.

Dining Etiquette Training

Dining etiquettes is one of the important aspects of personal grooming and personality development.

Individual Body Language

Body language is an expression without words, which is also known as non-verbal communication. It is significant for an individual to have perfect body language

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