“Your body language plays and important role in influencing the people you communicate with”

Why Is body language trainer considered to be important?

Body language is an expression without words, which is also known as non-verbal communication. It is significant for an individual to have perfect body language because it plays an important role in both the social and business life of a person. Body language is all about gestures, body movements, and expressions made by an individual while communicating with people or delivering a specific message to another person. Body language of an individual plays a huge role in influencing people to form an opinion about you and it also affects your initial impression on people.

Upholding a good body language enhances your personality and brings out the actual personality of an individual. Body Language is esteemed everywhere, be it your own house, your workplace, a party or a casual meet-up with a friend. It benefits you in life as a whole.

In an individual’s life and business, it is essential to give a thought on how you convey your thoughts with others. Body language comprises of the type of gesture, postures you use in a conversation. A sharp body language is vital for self-esteem and self-confidence of a person. Body language has the power to send indications which are stronger than words. Body language often has an excessive influence in conveying messages to the listener. Facial expression and eye movements are very significant while conveying your feelings. A smile on the face shows confidence. They are both positive body gestures and negative body gestures. Positive body language reflects surety and confidence, while negative body language is a sign of impatience and insecurity. The facial expression you reflect, the body posture you have, the eye contact you make, the hand gestures you use, etc. stretches a lot of impression about you that others have.

At Pegasis, Mrs. Nehaa Deepak Gupta a body language consultant in Mumbai outlines the fact that body language plays a key role in an individual’s daily life and relationship with others. Appropriate body language is essential for building a good bond and developing good relationships with friends, colleagues, and family members. If you don’t follow these rules of good body language, your repute and probabilities of landing into greater opportunities can reduce radically.

Improper body language can be a root cause of ruined interviews, erroneous first impressions, and conveying a wrong message. Mrs. Nehaa Deepak Gupta a body language trainer will guide you with several tips and techniques to inherit a positive body language and to project yourself in public, in a more poised and graceful manner.

Mrs. Nehaa Deepak Gupta a body language consultant in Mumbai has aimed towards students who are in college or are about to get into the corporate sector and also for those working professionals who face difficulties with their inappropriate body language in different organizations. Body language training is also for individuals who are not aware of the significance of proper body language. There is no prerequisite for this Body language training. Also, according to Mrs. Nehaa Deepak Gupta a body language consultant in Mumbai there is no barrier of language or ethnicity for gaining benefit from body language trainers.

In this highly competitive scenario body language plays a vital role. The corporate sector values decent body language a lot. Any sign of inappropriate body language can interrupt deals, even lead to loss of links and bonds with people. Your body posture, along with its placement and movements of different body parts play a vital role in expressing your feelings and emotions, even if you don’t want to display the emotions willingly.

Mrs. Nehaa Deepak Gupta a body language consultant in Mumbai will guide you with the following in the body language training:

Confident Behavior
A positive body language assists a person to be more confident and supports in tapping his or her opinion forward more effortlessly than the others. Positive body language is adored by other people and which is why an individual having a positive body language gets more consideration and indulgence in any conversation.

Non-verbal Communication
Research done by Mrs. Nehaa Deepak Gupta a body language consultant in Mumbai analyzed that a conversation involves 30% verbal communication and 70% non-verbal communication. This infers that whatever you speak willingly contains just 30% of what the other person frames out of it. The other 70% info about you is framed from your body language. Your body language helps people in identifying your emotions, status and even your lifestyle.

Workplace Success
Significance of Positive body language training for a successful Workplace and corporate environment is a necessity. A healthy body language can foster the team spirit at the workplace, which will also boost the morale of the employees. The allocation of responsibilities turns out to be easier.
In a Corporate meeting, a tender smile, open palms, inclined forward and eye contact can go a long way in creating a bond with people in the meeting. So, for building and sustaining a healthy association with the other parties in a meeting is a positive sign.

Negative body language can be a root cause of misinterpretation and misunderstandings. Upholding a body posture and strange body movements which is aggressive for the other person can break a bond.

Public Speaking
In all forms of communication body language, plays a vital role. It helps to break the blockage of unfamiliarity and helps to form a better connect with the receiver of the message. In public speaking, body language has a different position. If defensive body language is showcased by the speaker or has an inactive body language, there are probabilities that he or she won’t pay attention carefully. The factor of the influence of such talks is also reduced by a huge number. As the audience only gets 30% of the whole conversation and fails to understand the remaining 70%. Hence, it is important to have appropriate body movements and posture while speaking in front of an audience.

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