“Dressing well is a form of good ethics”

How does Fashion style guidance help the womenfolk’s?

Latterly businesspersons, founders, officials and bollywood celebs have been perky about the return of power dressing consultant in Mumbai as the novel workplace accessory that can move your career along. As Dr. Phil says, “There is no realism, only perception.” Nearly a relic subject, Nehaa Deepak Gupta, a well-known power dressing consultant in Mumbai can bring this to your attention.

fashion style guidance for women is about emphasizing themselves and projecting their inner ability. It’s very obligatory to power dress to fashion those first and last imprints of confidence. And it doesn’t have to be grim if you follow a few straight forward directions given by Nehaa Deepak Gupta, a renowned power dressing consultant in Mumbai

Rule 1: Unpretentious, stylish and sleek is the way to go.

Rule 2: Choice western or Indian formals created on your fashion style guidance.

Rule 3: Twig to the power colors.

Rule 4: Turn on to Rule 3 when essential.

As womenfolk, are used to wearing a wide range of clothing categories, colors, fabrics and accessories. But there are boundaries of elegance and line when choosing power dressing outfits and accessories for your wardrobe. We shall further deliberate the general principles by a well-known power dressing consultant in Mumbai.

Clothing Style:

Many have confidence in power dressing, in fact in the least corporate dressing, comprises western wear. That’s not factual. You can make a choice between western attire – trousers and skirts – or Indian wear – saris and cigarette chinos. The elementary rule is to retain the lines straight and the frills out. Certainly, if you are appearing an international conference or meeting, it would be more appropriate to wear western wear.

There will be additional from our fashion style guidance at Pegasis, Nehaa Deepak Gupta rates your style scale on how to verve about power dressing with trousers, skirts, saris and cigarette chinos. The note of thoughtfulness is to verve for a lean, lined look with fabric materials that don’t stick to you. These help you mission ability. When it derives to power dressed women in western wear, CEO of Pepsico, Indra Nooyi, and MD of Kinetic, Sulajja Firodia Motwani, are names that come to attention. In case of saris, one airs to our Foreign Secretary and soon-to-be Ambassador to USA, Nirupama Rao and Nation Head-India of the HSBC – Naina Lal Kidwai.


Select the corporate colors which are formal like, olive green which is in trend at present, navy blue, black, grey, or white for the solid message they direct. To bounce a touch of color to the sari, you can opt a thin border with shade or embroidery. The same smears to short Kurtis and long kurtas too which must be attired with a straight trouser moderately than the traditional pants. Once you need to develop an appearance of buff, collar is the ideal format. Occasionally you may need to power dress without appearing unembellished. On those occasions, you can use fawn, coral or rusty shade of colors. With western outfits, the color reference remains the same. You’d do fine to add color by a scarf or a stole. Nehaa Deepak Gupta also emphasizes on making a choice of the color based on the occasion. Blacks, whites and grays go with an extremely formal atmosphere. You can add beauty colors and pale blues or even a dash or red for a more amicable appearance.


Very light make-up that does not suit or show up under sun or the severe glare of lights. A light eye-liner and a neutral shade of lipstick is all we are mentioning about specified the harsh Indian climate. Trimmed, well-manicured nails are essential according to Nehaa Deepak Gupta a well-known power dressing consultant in Mumbai. She feels, nail polish isn’t a necessity, but if you want one, light shades of silver or peach are satisfactory. She also emphasizes to take good care of your heels however the shoes cover them. This avoids a run in your stockings and protects you from embarrassment on the occasional cases when you may have to slip-off your shoes. Steady moisturizing of heels and elbows aids.


Stick to the necessities. A chain of silver or platinum by a small pendant of these similar metals, pearls or diamond is perfect. If gold is to be worn, an identical thin chain can fix it. Small to medium-sized pearls are another all-time preferred. You can also add a pair of ear studs and a matching bracelet to it. For a watch, a thin silver one or a steel watch with a leather fastening will do. Make a choice based on your get-up. When it comes to shoes, 1.5 to 2-inch heel is apt and it retains you relaxed on a long day. Flats do not go with power dressing, nor does high heels. Blacks are the essential. You can also add colors to your wardrobe with scarfs and neck pieces, small studded earrings and also neckpieces have more impact. But you can go for white or brown contingent on your getup. Purses, Handbags should match with the shoes, preferably both of the same color.

The primary objective of Nehaa Deepak Gupta a well-known power dressing consultant in Mumbai, is to evade picture consideration to your dressing with jazzy shade of colors and chunky ornaments. On the other hand, soft colors and straight lines reinforce your image as an experienced woman who proclaims the woman in question whenever the need arises.

As a fashion style guidance consultant, Nehaa Deepak Gupta is highly involved in female empowerment in the tech space issues, she also notes that “The idea of genderless suiting has gone concluded different phases from the feminine to masculine. It’s now trendier than ever to dress a suit to be feminine and powerful. She also marks off a brief list of whys and wherefores which might just be the new must have-business accessory to passage your career laterally. Nehaa Deepak Gupta, in her fashion style guidance notes that One, “It shapes and reveals confidence.” Two, and possibly the newly minted Duchess of Sussex has not so silently been communicating this, “it’s a novel empowerment implement because it’s significant to costume for the life you want to live, and three, liable on how you construe the trend, you abruptly have an huge amount of day to night clothing flexibility no matter who you happenstance in any precise condition.”

Nehaa Deepak Gupta being a well-known power dressing consultant in Mumbai, also added, how excited she is “about power dressing right now and how one can be called a ‘Boss Lady’ with everything from power suits to power pumps forming their style in their clothing. Her Fashion style guidance and her designers are really paying attention to what’s up-to-the-minute culturally There is an entire new generation of women who have not once had the chance to attire a suit with the casualization of fashion – to change what they had to dress to an interview, meeting or in the workplace. Now womenfolk are a strength to reckon with particularly as we have a new focus on women uniting. Celebrating. Women in new management roles. ”

Grow a routine. Fashion style guidance consultant, Nehaa Deepak Gupta loves the routine of getting outfitted in a suit or thru just a suit jacket. She’s out the door faster and she easily changes her look and tries to be creative with accessories. Being a power dressing consultant in Mumbai, she recommends “if you’re not in the top mood, dress for the mood you are welling to feel.” She also boosts female makers “to set the superiority to help authorize other womenfolk in their work area. “

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