Talking and eloquence are not the same, to speak and to speak well are two different things
– Ben Johnson

How can a communication skills consultant help you with public speaking?

Why speak in Public?

Every activity of our lives is communication of some sort, but it’s through speech that man asserts his distinctiveness from other forms of life. Human alone of all other animals has a gift of speech, and through this quality one can express one’s own individuality and essence. Nehaa D Gupta a public speaking trainer in Mumbai once said when he is unable to express what he frankly feels or is not clear with his thought due to nervousness, shyness and unclear mindset his personality is blocked off, dimmed out and misunderstood. Business, social and personal satisfaction depends upon a person’s ability to communicate clearly with his fellowmen; i.e. what a person actually is, what he desires or what he believes in.

Why are we afraid of speaking in public?

Fear of public speaking is not so much related to the excellence of a speech as it is to how the reciter thinks, feels or acts when a person has to face the public. There are many reasons why a person becomes afraid when has to speak in public. Nehaa D Gupta a communication skill consultant at pegasis has explored four contributing factors of fear of public speaking.

  • Physiology:
    Anxiety and fear include the awakening of the nervous system autonomically in response to a hypothetically threatening stimulus. When challenged with a threat, our minds prepare for combat. This hyperarousal leads to the sensitive experience of fear, and it restricts our ability to perform confidently in front of public. Ultimately, it stops people from chasing their fear and accepting the opportunities for public speaking.
  • Thoughts:
    The second and the most important factor according to communication skill consultant Nehaa D Gupta, one’s views about public speaking and about himself as speakers. This fear often rises when a human overestimate the risks of interacting their thoughts in front of public, observing the speaking events as a potential threat to their reliability, image, and chance to reach the public. Negative opinions of oneself as a reciter can also raise anxiety and increase the anxiety of speaking in public. Some concepts make a huge difference between a performance orientation and a communication orientation.
  • Situation:
    Although there are individuals who by nature have a tendency to to be more nervous, or worried, or there are people who think they are not good at public speaking, there are some situations that are likely to make most of us over anxious standing in a public.

    • Lack of experience:Experience builds self-confidence. When you don’t have a lot of stage hours under your tie, you will possibly experience more fear of public speaking.
    • Degree of evaluation: This is the most emphasized factor noted by Nehaa D Gupta a communication skill consultant through her research that, when there is a real or imaginary evaluation component to the situation, the anxiety is more. If you have to speak in front of a group of people who can fill out evolution form then, you may feel more anxious.
    • Status difference: If you have to speak in front of people who are of a little higher status like people at workplace in higher posts, or a group of accomplished professionals in your line of work, you can feel an excessive dose of fear tingling through your body.
    • New ideas: If you are allocating thoughts that you have not yet shared in public, you may fear more about how people will react to it. When your public appearance involves trying something new, you may feel more uncomfortable stating your situation, accepting questions from the listeners, or dealing with those poke holes.
    • New audiences: You may already have experience in public speaking and presenting Infront of similar audiences. You may, for instance, be used to speaking in front of professionals in your area of expertise. Anxiety may rise, but, when the target audience changes. If you are standing in front of an awkward audience that is very different from the people you usually speak to, your confidence may feel more anxious.

It is easy for the people in Mumbai as there is the best public speaking trainer in Mumbai who can help people to reduce their fear.

How to conquer the fear of public speaking

The issues that cause fear of public speaking are also the issues that communication skill consultant also have targeted to assist people in overcoming it. There are Several methods to conquer all the fear of public speaking. Some of them address the focus on the cognitive aspect’s others, physiological aspect of fear and a few emphases on the behavioral components that subsidize to advanced levels of fear and anxiety around public speaking. Based on that research, it is advised that an individual should get some training for public speaking training from Mumbai.

Do you know the facts about fear of public speaking?

Fact 1 – You are not the only one who is in fear of public speaking. Results of a survey conducted by a communication skill consultant shows that 99.9% of adults suffer from the fear of public speaking.

Fact 2 – Some audiences fear is useful, when you notice you pulse beating fast don’t panic. If this physical reaction occurs in limit you will be able to think faster, speak fluent with greater intensity as your mind will be extra alert then normal conditions.

Fact 3 – worlds greatest speakers could never completely lose the fear of public speaking. It is always present before speaking and persists through the first few sentences.

Fact 4 – the main fear of your fear of public speaking is mainly that you are not accustomed to speak in public, there is only one solution to the problem that is practice.

Public speaking guide

There are few effective tips given by a public speaking trainer in Mumbai which are as follows:

  1. Initially to start, speak about something from your past experiences or memories.
  2. speak about something that were eager to tell the audience.
  3. Don’t memorize your speech word to word, try to narrate it like a story.
  4. Try to gain 10% more knowledge on the subject that you are going to speak on.
  5. Rehearse your speech Infront of the mirror several times.
  6. Don’t imitate anyone, try to be yourself, be unique.

Dress for your Success

Here at pegasis come as a shy person who has barriers because of mind blocks and fear of speech and leave as a fearless bird who has no barriers in life because of the fear of speech and fly high on a nonstop flight of achievements as we have the best public speaking trainer in Mumbai.

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